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A platform that makes property maintenance + inspections a breeze.

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Users + Features  

Property manager
Property owner
Service provider


Have complete control of your portfolio from the palm of your hand. Approvals, reviews, chats, video calls + much more from any where at any time. We offer a mobile first cloud first platform giving you the freedom and flexibility of using any device you wish to manage your business.


Service providers, owners, tenants + you have the ability to see what is happening with any maintenance request using the different roles in one app on web or mobile. No more calls from service providers, tenants and owners asking what is happening with the task at hand

Simplified workflows

Allow the tenant to post as much information on the job via picture and video. Review the work + send for owner approval if required. Obtain quotes, award the work + watch it be completed in real time from the one page dashboard. No more spreadsheets, endless emails + phone calls.

Multiparty video + chat

Chat or video call any user from the platform, keeping all communications on and stored in the platform. You can chat one on one or add all stakeholders to the communication for real time approval and resolutions.

PM Mobility

Audit + Compliance

All activities by all users are captured and displayed against the property and in the recent activity timeline. Set escalation points within the platform to ensure no maintenance requests fall through the cracks and set recurring maintenance tasks with just a few clicks.

Advanced Job Flows + Features

By involving stakeholders from all sides of property maintenance, we have developed advanced workflows and automation that will save significant time and costs for all users. Cloning, smart trigger based grouping, owner approval thresholds, revisions, variations, recurring + previous job history are just some of the tools available.

Organisation options

Whether you work in a one user office with a small portfolio or you have a sizable team, the platform will enable you to grow + manage the maintenance of your portfolio with many options to suit organisations of all sizes.


We work with leading residential and commercial property management solutions to ensure that your data is seamlessly and easily transferred between applications, so that you and your clients have the best possible experience whilst and that there is no manual handling of data.


As a property owner you want to know what is happening at your property. Maintenance tasks usually arise from a call or email from your property manager. Now, you are linked by your property manager to the property + you can review maintenance task requests as well as see the complete maintenance history at your property. Something that could be good to pass onto future owners if you are considering selling the property.


With the mobile and desktop apps your property manager can send you maintenance requests for approval. You will be presented with all job information including pictures + videos if they are uploaded with the jobs. Determine whether you would like to accept, reject, have a chat or video call with the property manager to clarify any issues that may be unclear before deciding what you would like to do with the job.

Post your own jobs

Use the same mobile or desktop app to post jobs for your own property, workplace or any location you need property maintenance. Use the same pre qualified trades that property managers choose to use for your own maintenance issues.

PM Mobility

Multi Party Chat + Video

Whether you have a question for your property manager and would like a quick chat or video call, or your property manager needs to join you on a group call to seek your approval for maintenance works, every party to the maintenance issue can be kept in the loop to ensure maintenance tasks are reviewed collectively where needed to find solutions and make informed decisions.

Select Service Providers

Once quotes have been obtained and the job is sent for your approval you have the option of approving the work as a whole or using the service provider of your choice. Once the service provider is selectedr they are sent a work order for scheduling with the property manager + tenant. This allows you to be as involved as you like in the selection of the service providers for your maintenance tasks.


Keep track of all maintenance requests using the mobile app. You will receive push notifications when a job is waiting for your review + you can be kept up to date of the progress of your jobs as well as a final notification once it has been marked complete by the property manager.


No longer do you have to call or email requests to your property manager + not know where things are up to. Posting a job on the mobile app takes less than a minute + allows you to capture any pictures or videos of your issues so that it can be identified, quoted + completed rapidly. You can also see what is happening with live status updates, push notifications + emails letting you know the status of your request.

Post your own jobs

Aside from posting maintenance issues for your property manager, you can also use the app to post your own jobs - maybe you need a cleaner or a gardener or you need to prepare for a routine inspection or you get locked out of your house. You can use the same app and post an issue using the same trades that your property manager uses. If you need an urgent job you can find tradies in our marketplace, have a chat + award the work.


Use our mobile apps to post, update, monitor, schedule + provide feedback on maintenance tasks. 1 minute job posting + real time push notification updates for all the maintenance tasks placed on the platform, plus the ability to post your own jobs gives you the tools you need to post + review maintenance tasks for your rental property or any other property you may have a need to maintain.

PM Mobility

Shared Scheduling

A service provider can share their schedule + you can select a time that works best for you. Once confirmed you are sent a push notification + a calendar invite to add to your calendar confirming the appointment. The day before the appointment you are asked to confirm the time and then this is confirmed with the service provider. This helps both you + the service provider co-ordinate a time that suits everyone.

GPS Tracking

You don't have to be kept in the dark about service providers arrivals. In the app you can see if they are on time and their ETA to get to your job. Once you job has been selected the app will popup a map of the provider, the distance + time until they arrive to your property. Plan your day around what is happening rather than what may happen + be updated in real time to ensure you know what is going on with your maintenance job.


You want a great job + we want great service providers. At the completion of your job whether it is for your property manager or you, you have the ability to provide feedback + ratings for the service provider that completed your maintenance task. If they do a great job tell the world - help them grow their business + provide excellent service to other people on the platform.


Being on the road for most of the day means mobility is really important in running a successful business. Clients expect fast response times to quotation requests + any questions they may have about a job. With our mobile apps you can quote from your device using manual quoting or our integrations with Xero + MYOB. You can run your business from the palm of your hand any where and at any time.

GPS Tracking

Aside from additional work opportunities, GPS tracking allows tenants and property + facility managers the ability to see your ETA until arrival at the job and when you are ready you can start the job with a GPS map + the clients can see you location and ETA until you arrive at their job. Keeping everyone informed as to the status of arrival.


You can use our custom built scheduler to book time for your jobs or our advanced scheduler for larger organisations requiring a dispatch board. You can share the calendar availability with your clients + allow them to see your schedule + book time subject to your approval. All your appointments that are for the day and upcoming are presented on your dashboard so you can see at a glance your workload for the day and days ahead.

External + Additional work

We set out to give services providers real value for money. You can use the platform to run your entire business including leads and jobs that come from other platforms, so you don’t need multiple apps or systems. After setting up a profile + being verified you can accept work from property + facility managers, tenants, owners as well as find jobs near you that are awaiting quotes or be found on the tradie marketplace via your GPS location. Lots of ways to generate additional work.

PM Mobility

Enterprise Options

From medium sized operations to multinational groups, we have enterprise tools to make operations simple and seamless. From the group schedule + dispatch system, to the GPS team locations, to the smart routing, calendar suggestions + availability planner controlling the team operations is a matter of clicks. There is multiparty chat + video options to keep in touch with the team via the app, combined with real time updates + accounting software integrations.

Remote Quotes

We have worked hard on a solution to save unnecessary quoting. You are able to complete virtual quotes from any location using your mobile or desktop app. See the required task + complete a quote on the spot. This saves on transportation + quoting costs, meaning you can complete more quotes remotely without the need to go to site.

Profile + Ratings

When you join the platform you create a profile of your organisation + the type of work you complete. In addition, you supply licence information, business information + i insurance information which are verified. At the conclusion of every job your clients can provide feedback + ratings. The more jobs you complete + the higher your rating will assist greatly in supplying your services to other users on the platform.


Integrations are important in running your business, so you can complete all the tasks you need to complete from one application. Google Maps allows you to get to the job site from the app. Xero, MYOB and Quickbooks (coming soon) allow you to create quotes from web and mobile within the app, that automatically turn into invoices at the successful completion of the task. If you work in the commercial space we have an integration with CM3 to show prospective clients of your certifications.

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Easy for Property + Facility Managers

Easy for Property + Facility Managers

  • Allow the tenant to post as much information on the job using picture and video via the mobile app. Review the work + send for owner approval if required.

  • Obtain quotes from your pre registered trades, from the marketplace of trades, from trades working in your area on a map or simply issue a direct work order. 

  • Award the work + have the task scheduled directly between the tenant + service provider. 

  • Follow job updates on the one page dashboard, set alerts + thresholds to make sure the job is done within the allocated time. Hold multi party chat + video calls + simplify maintenance removing the need for spreadsheets, emails + phone calls.

Easy for Service Providers

  • All information is on a one page dashboard via the web or mobile app. Obtain leads from our platform and add quotes + jobs from any other source so your business can be run from our app.

  • Receive quote requests, direct work orders, find jobs near you + mark yourself as ready for work to be presented with opportunities from the marketplace. Schedule all opportunities in the work scheduler or if you are a larger business, take advantage of our custom built dispatch board.

  • Quote using Xero, MYOB or Quickbooks with automated invoice creation at job completion + an integrated finance tab to see where your payments are up to all within the app.

  • See your jobs for the day as well as upcoming jobs + start by allowing the client to see your distance + ETA. Review the estimate of the job, check in + complete the job with pictures, videos + signature options.

Easy for service Providers

Inspections made easy

Onsite and Remote

Remote or onsite with video
Scheduling, Smart Scheduling + Dispatch
One click maintenance requests
One click asset register
Checklists + templates

Industries include:


 Residential | Commercial | Strata | Aged Care | Manufacturing | Facilities | Hospitality | Schools + Universities | Government | Insurance


Why Bricks + Agent?

Property maintenance + inspections have not really changed over the decades. It is highly fragmented + inefficient as there are old school practices or basic digital solutions that add little value to all the participants in the maintenance process.

Bricks + Agent set out to make sure all parties to property maintenance + inspections could not only be connected to each other using mobility, transparency + visibility, but that they had the tools and technology that would give them the best result. We look at four key users in our solution, giving them tools to address their pain points in the process.


management organisations both small + large are still running on telephone calls, emails + spreadsheets or very basic solutions that have taken paper to digital for maintenance and inspections are still time consuming and costly.

Service Providers

often don't have the technology or tools to run their business and are still using that trusty notepad for all their work or have multiple systems that run different parts of their business such as leads, quotes, scheduling, mapping. This means there is no one place that houses all the data to run their business efficiently. 

Property Owners

having an investment property + being able to see what is transpiring with maintenance at your property from seeking your approval for works to having visibility over those same works is something that investors seek out.


living in properties that have issues they need to call, email or fill out a form on a website to get maintenance entered for review by a property or facility manager. They have no visibility over the work + constantly needed to follow up with property management teams to see what was happening with their requested works. Tenants also want streamlined modern inspections that have less impact on their lives and tenancy.

Bricks + Agent set out to make sure all parties to property maintenance + inspections could not only be connected to each other using mobility, transparency + visibility, but that they ALL had the tools and technology that would give them the best result. 

We extensively researched the solutions in the marketplace and there were solutions that had parts of what the users requested, but there was no single solution that put the entire property maintenance puzzle together for residential, commercial or strata based organisations from small business through to Fortune 500 companies.

Bricks + Agent provides solutions, tools, workflows + automation to property + facility managers, service providers, property owners + tenants. Our name represents all the users in the maintenance + inspections workflow:


(Property Owners + Tenants) 



 (Property Managers + Service Providers)

  • “On our quest to continuously deliver a differentiated service for our investors and tenants, partnering with leading technology businesses is crucial. We’re very excited to explore how we can continue to innovate the experience through partnerships like this one.” Andy Gooden, Chief Operating Officer – Little Real Estate
  • "I would describe their product as the Uber for property maintenance. We have 45,000 retail customers and we want to be able to give them some productivity tools so that they can manage their retail shop and easily communicate when they have issues.” Aidan Coleman CTO Charter Hall (ASX:CHC)
  • “I am fortunate to meet some amazing businesses but there are only a small few we ever choose to partner with. These guys are set to change property in a big way!” Scott Bateman, Executive General Manager – Little Real Estate

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