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How it works

You've put everything into your "bricks + mortar". So when it's time to say goodbye, it makes sense to put it in the right hands.

We’ve made it a mission to bring you a transparent tool that matches vendors looking to sell or lease with the right local agents. 

Our simple platform lets you compare local real estate agents in your time at your pace and generate interest for your property – all with full control of your privacy. 

How It Works

Are you…


A Vendor

Want to sell or lease your home without all the annoying cold calls and junk mail? Find the best local real estate agents from the comfort of your desk and the privacy of your home. 


An Agent

Looking for qualified real estate leads in your local area – without having to pollute letterboxes? Create your profile to see how the Bricks and Agent platform works for you.


Why Bricks + Agent?



Your contact information is valuable and should be treated that way. Bricks and Agent provide you with anonymity until you are ready to share information with select agents. Your address and phone number is at your discretion to share. 



Bricks and Agent is there to serve both Agent's and Vendors in the same space. With no hidden costs, we provide a cost effective and time sensitive option to find and compare real estate agents in your area.



Find the best agent for your sale by comparing pitch's side by side from the comfort of your loungeroom. No need to jump on sales calls or find real estate agent reviews online - simply compare your bids and make contact when you're ready.

Who are B+A?

Founded by a serial real estate investor and former real estate agent, Bricks + Agent came to be from a series of frustrating personal experiences and the absolute need to do better. 

Bricks + Agent help you to find and compare real estate agents in Australia easier, providing a solution for time poor vendors and agents to gain access to the information they need to sell or lease their property. 


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