About Us

We all lead busy lives and sometimes we need a hand around the home. We've made it our mission to bring you a transparent tool that transforms the way homeowners hire trade professionals.

Our community hub lets you anonymously compare virtual quotes from quality trade professionals at your own pace so you can get home projects done the easy way, and spend more time doing things you love. 

Bricks + Agent was built out of respect for homeowners and trade professionals. Founded in December 2016 and based in Melbourne, Australia, Bricks + Agent is an online community hub for homeowners and trade professionals to list, discover and connect with one another to complete home projects and jobs.

Why Choose Us



Your contact information is valuable and should be treated that way. Bricks + Agent provide you with anonymity until you are ready to share information with a business. Your address and phone number is at your discretion to share



Bricks + Agent is there to serve both people and service providers in the same space. With no hidden costs, we provide a time sensitive option to find and compare quotes from quality local trade professionals.



Find the best business for your home project or job by comparing virtual quotes side by side from the comfort of your home. No need to track down tradies online - simply compare your quotes and hire a business to complete your job.

Who Are Bricks + Agent?


Founded by a serial real estate investor and former real estate agent, Bricks + Agent came to be from a series of frustrating personal experiences and the absolute need to do better

Bricks + Agent help you to find and compare property service professionals in Australia easier, providing a solution for time-poor property owners and trade professionals to gain access to the information they need to complete large or small projects around the home.