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Bricks + Agent was built out of respect


 For the vendor and the agent. Founded in December 2016 and based in Melbourne, Australia, Bricks + Agent is an online community hub for homeowners and real estate agents to list, discover and match with one another before enlisting property services. 

We became fascinated with the idea of anonymity and how homeowners could interact with agents whilst keeping their privacy during the process. What if you could find an agent  to sell or lease your property without being bombarded by sales pitches, cold calls and aggressive tactics? We’ve made it a mission to bring you a transparent tool to simplifies the process of finding an agent. 

Let's get real – property isn’t an everyday sale for most. You either struggled for, loved, or invested serious capital to own your own ‘patch of earth’. So when it comes to selling, we are here to help you choose the right agent with the least stress, it's that simple.



Our Founders





We've been friends since we were five-years old, running around in the playground. We've worked together, completed property transactions together and shared hundreds of ideas. We built Bricks + Agent to reflect our passions and values: an appreciation for simple design, affinity for mobility and a belief that homeowners should have the power when it comes to their properties. 

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How Much Is My House Worth? Understanding Property Appraisals



Do you know what your home is really worth? If you’re thinking of selling then it’s a good idea to book a property appraisal with a local real estate agent to find out. A free property appraisal is usually part of the services offered by agencies so you, as a potential vendor, can get a feel for the market.

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What To Consider When Renovating A Bathroom

It’s often said that the bathroom can make or break a sale. So if you can make your buyers fall in love with this room, there’s a good chance they may be sold on the entire property.

But why are bathrooms so important?

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How And When To Sell An Investment Property

Making the decision to sell your investment property needs a lot of consideration. If you want to recycle the equity to buy another property the costs of selling can far outweigh paying a rental property manager’s fee or paying a tradie for some maintenance work.

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