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About Bricks + Agent

Bricks  and Agent on Property Maintenance Platform


Bricks + Agent was built to ensure property maintenance + inspections tasks could be handled with ease specifically for property + facilities management. Property + Facilities managers, service providers, property owners + tenants are all connected to the same ecosystem to ensure maintenance + inspection tasks are handled with the principles of mobility, transparency + visibility. We have created the tools, workflows + automation that are second to none  for all users in the ecosystem. Founded in December 2016 and based in both Melbourne and Sydney, Australia, as well as Colombo Sri Lanka, Bricks + Agent is a cloud based solution delivering value to all stakeholders in the property maintenance + inspections spaces by integrating into property management software providers..

What we’ve built

A platform that makes property maintenance + inspections a breeze.

We all lead busy lives and property maintenance + inspections can be hard. Whether you are a property manager or facility manager with hundreds, or thousands of properties, you are a service provider looking to generate more business and use technology that greatly assists your business to grow, or you are a property owner that wants more visibility over the tasks completed at your investment properties or you are a tenant that wants to easily log maintenance requests and track them through the maintenance + inspection processes. We have developed a platform that makes property maintenance + inspections a breeze. 

As a property or facility manager, bring your existing service providers + give them more business opportunities on the platform.for not only your jobs, but those of your tenants + owners.You can also conduct inspections remotely or onsite with our inspection tools allowing full video recording and one click maintenance. Both you and your service providers can use the interactive marketplace that allows you to find tradies working in your area if you need things to be done by someone who is close, but it also allows the service providers to find work opportunities that they never had before.

Service providers can use our technology not only to get leads and work orders, but also to add any job they receive from anywhere else to manage their business more effectively with inbuilt mobility, scheduling, quoting + invoicing with the market leading software solutions as well as our tradie tracker with check in + out functionality. 





All the tools you will ever need for property maintenance + inspections whether you are a property or facility manager, a service provider, a property owner or a tenant.


Maintenance + Inspections Made Easy.




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