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How To Clean Fly Screens?


Dirty fly screens prevent fresh air from passing through the mesh. They are unappealing, and the whole process of cleaning them can be a messy chore. But you shouldn’t be worried because if you know how to clean security doors, this won’t be a problem anymore.


How to clean removable fly screens


  • Most window coverings and fly screen doors are removable. In case they are filthy, remove them and put them outside for cleaning.
  • Lay them down on a dry clean surface, or put them like a fence wall against an outdoor vertical surface if possible.
  • Use a garden hose to rinse it gently. Avoid running excess water on it as it will pull the edges from their housings or stretch the fly screen.
  • Use warm soapy water and a bristle brush to scrub the fly screens.
  • Turn the screen on the other side and scrub it again.
  • Rinse both sides thoroughly. 
  • Clean the tracks and window sills when the fly screens are away from the door tracks and the windows. The essential tools here are an old toothbrush, a vacuum cleaner with a narrow nozzle and a spray bottle full of water and detergent.


How to clean fixed security screens


The most challenging part of cleaning fixed security screens is to avoid letting too much water get into your floor and windows sills. Begin by laying towels on the window sills in the house and on the floor.

Go outside and wash then rinse the screens with a sponge and a bucket. Repeat this process inside. Wipe the inside of the screen with a damp cloth to get satisfactory results.

You can also hire a portable air compressor to clean the screens from a local equipment hire shop.

You need to vacuum your screens regularly using a brush attachment which loosens clinging grit. By doing this, you won’t have to do this often.

How to clean windows with security screens is not a hard task.

You can also seek for window cleaning services to clean your fly screens. Be sure of getting professional, top-notch results if you ask for a cleaning service

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Rafael Niesten

Written by Rafael Niesten

In his early 20s, Perth local Rafael Niesten, won a scholarship to study in Canada, with that came the opportunity to volunteer at a local radio station. That spawned his entrepreneurial streak, returning to Perth in 2001 he set up community radio Groove FM. More by luck than design, they became successful, too successful as they took a significant chunk of the Perth Market. This sent up the red flag with his commercial competitors who saw to it that he came before the Australian Broadcasting Authority and on technicalities such as the number of volunteers he was forced to move on. He received the citizen of the year award for Western Australia (youth) and was a finalist in the Australian of the year awards (Youth). Falling on his sword he turned to running small and large scale events, all the while buying, renovating and selling properties. Buying and selling land and renovated houses provided a grounding in the property industry. He founded a cloud based medical grade voice recognition company, followed by co founding the first true cloud application for private practice in the health sector. He successfully exited these ventures at the end of 2016 and began building Bricks+Agent.

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