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Rafael Niesten in the PropTech podcast with Kylie Davis

I recently had the chance to talk with Kylie Davis about all things Proptech, and Bricks + Agent in ...
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Property Services, industry news

Little Real Estate: sharing information, knowledge and keeping customers satisfied 

  Little Real Estate is Australia's largest independently owned real estate agencies and aim to ...
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Case study

Rockend MRI partners with Bricks + Agent in Australia and New Zealand

  Rockend MRI partners with Bricks + Agent in Australia and New Zealand.
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industry news

Cleaning Outdoor Pavers like a Pro

Outdoor pavers, or paving stones, can add a decorative element to any outdoor area and are very ...
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How To, Repairs & Maintenance, Home Improvement

Property Upgrades Tenants Love And That Will Add To Your Rental Return

During my many years as a property investor, I’ve learnt that a few key upgrades and good ...
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Property Advice

8 Awesome Ideas to Improve the Curb Appeal of Your Rental Property for a Great ROI

  First impression counts a lot! Barbara Corcoran famously said that home buyers make the final ...
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Insider, Home Improvement, Inspo, Property Advice

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