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Property Maintenance: A Tenants Guide To DIY

Are you a tenant who love their home? Well, if you are planning to stay long at the property, then ...
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Property Management Advice, Tenant Advice, Property Advice

Should You Go For Home Inspection Before Moving In A Rental Home?

  Have you already found the perfect home for your family and kids? Are you planning to sign the ...
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Property Management Advice, Property Advice

How To Request a Repair To Your Rental Using Bricks + Agent

  Requesting maintenance or repairs for a rental property can be tricky. Busy schedules clash, ...
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Property Management Advice, Tenant Advice, Tradie Advice, Property Advice

How Property Inspection Software Increases Client Retention

Even though we don’t like having someone look over our shoulder when we work, the truth is that ...
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5 Tips to Win Work using Bricks+Agent

Handling the mountain of paperwork and other daunting tasks manually can be nerve wrecking. With ...
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Insider, Property Management Advice, industry news

What property managers look for at inspections

When it comes to leasing a property, it is common practice for the property manager to visit for ...
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