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Storage Solutions and Space Saving Hacks For Your Rental Property


Don’t have enough space in your new rental property? If you have just moved to your an apartment or townhouse you might find that there is not ample space for you to put all your belongings into place. As small spaces tend to be common rental issues, why not learn, how to make the most of the rental space you have in your property.

Mount things on walls

If you are the type of person who enjoy making the most of the space in your rental property consider the walls. Start by mounting small boxes and containers on the wall that will be able to store small items in them. Mounting small boxes on walls saves storage space and also adds an element of design to enhance the aesthetic of your home. 


Invest in small kitchen tools

If you are living in an apartment, it's probably not designed with a big kitchen in mind. Consider using small containers and tools like pot racks, hooks, tension rods, standalone shelves, and plastic jars to store kitchen items. If space permits, consider moving your refrigerator from the kitchen and place it in an adjacent room to free up some space in the kitchen.


Embrace baskets 

Baskets and boxes are referred to as magic containers when it comes to making a small spaces look big. They can store the items without making your apartment look like it's a closet. Place baskets on the tops of your kitchen shelves, cabinets, or stick them under tables and consoles. Baskets can also be placed on the edges of tables or in the corners of your rooms.


Custom furniture that fits

DIY tables are narrow enough that they can easily fit into the odd nooks around your home and DIY desks can also be used as dining tables. Although you need to customise your furniture according to your home design, it can be worth it if you plan to live there for more than a year.


Use vertical spaces

Whether it is your drawing hall or bedroom, you can always use the vertical spaces on your walls. You can mount art pieces, instruments and small things on the walls. If you are not allowed to hang heavy duty items on the walls, use stick-on hooks, clips or vertical racks as storage spaces.


Use box beds

When it comes to storage space, box beds are the best to store the beddings and other items in them. You can store the foldable mattresses, linens, clothing packets and other things in the box beds. It is better to store the items in the box beds than under the beds. They protect the stuff from dust and dirt present on the floor and keep them safe from kids and pets. 

These were some of the best tips for space storage that you can start using today in your rental apartment. However, the spaces saving hacks are not limited to these. You can always use your creative ideas to free up some more space in your living room or kitchen.

It is essential to check the storage space while inspecting a rental property and before signing a lease. You cannot expand the area in a property, but you can use the tips in this post to make the most of your storage space.

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Jon Stul

Written by Jon Stul

Having spent over 12 years in the real estate industry covering all facets from residential through to commercial, established and off plan properties and sub-divisions, he has an in depth knowledge of the industry. Stepping out of the industry four years ago and moving interstate to expand a frozen yoghurt chain that has gone from 1 to 4 stores in the time he has been involved. This was recently sold to Made Group. Real estate has always been in his blood and it was a natural fit to start Bricks + Agent given the amount of insight he has into the industry as a whole. Having seen how all different forms of traditional marketing was used to the direction that it is now heading today, we think we have come up with a truly unique proposition that fits into the current state of the property maintenance market.

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