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How To Request a Repair To Your Rental Using Bricks + Agent

  Requesting maintenance or repairs for a rental property can be tricky. Busy schedules clash, ...
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Property Management Advice, Tenant Advice, Tradie Advice, Property Advice

How To Choose A Location For Your Property Investment

Investing in property is a solid asset, which has the potential to increase your wealth over time. ...
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Property Advice

How to Tackle Negative Tenant Reviews

  In today’s day and age, people trust online reviews almost as religiously as a recommendation by ...
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Insider, Property Management Advice, Property Advice

Storage Solutions and Space Saving Hacks For Your Rental Property

  Don’t have enough space in your new rental property? If you have just moved to your an apartment ...
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Home Improvement, Inspo, Property Advice

5 Essential Safety Tips for Property Managers

  A property manager is always on the go. If you look at the list of most dangerous jobs, there ...
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Insider, Property Advice

How to Prevent and Respond to Negative Tenant Reviews

  With the availability of online technologies, consumers are trusting online reviews and ...
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Insider, Property Advice

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