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4 Things Couples Fight About When Selling a House

Selling a house is not something you do every day. It's a stressful task at the best of times, and for most of us, letting go of that emotional connection you feel towards your home is a challenge. Add to it, the pressure of selling it with your significant other and you've got a recipe for emotional chaos. Below are four of the most common things couples fight about when selling a house. 



1. Will we get the price we want

Being rational and doing your research can minimise any doubts or arguments when it comes to valuing your house. In most cases, a real estate agent tells you the market value of your area and the homes that surround it, but your memories and emotional attachment might value it differently. Consider using an independent information tool like Corelogic’s Property Value on Bricks+Agent to estimate the value of your property.


2. Does the real estate agent have our best interests at heart

Whether it be a personality clash, the size of a commission, or a lack of service, sometimes couples fight over their real estate agent. A recent study conducted by Corelogic showed that 34% of vendors were unhappy with the experience and level of service they received from their real estate agent.

Taking the time to find a decent real estate agent is a long process and there’s no shortage of agents available. Avoid unnecessary conflict by using free services that allow you to list your property anonymously before you decide on a local agent that suits your needs.


3. Who is doing more work

There’s always so much to do when preparing to sell a property. Sometimes the most obvious friction between couples can be the ones that cause the most turmoil. Being able to articulate specific examples can help the other person understand how you are feeling. For example, one person might be dedicating more time to preparing the house for viewings. Creating a list of ‘to do’s’ for each person can help to prevent any unnecessary arguments


4. Does our home need to be renovated before sale 

Decide as a couple, will renovating before sale increase the value of the house or cause more stress? It’s one of the questions that so many couples disagree on when selling a house. Consulting a local real estate agent or learn about the value you can add to your property from the industry experts. This will help you figure out if house renovation is worth your time and money!


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Topics: Better Selling, Home Improvement

Rafael Niesten

Written by Rafael Niesten

In his early 20s, Perth local Rafael Niesten, won a scholarship to study in Canada, with that came the opportunity to volunteer at a local radio station. That spawned his entrepreneurial streak, returning to Perth in 2001 he set up community radio Groove FM. More by luck than design, they became successful, too successful as they took a significant chunk of the Perth Market. This sent up the red flag with his commercial competitors who saw to it that he came before the Australian Broadcasting Authority and on technicalities such as the number of volunteers he was forced to move on. He received the citizen of the year award for Western Australia (youth) and was a finalist in the Australian of the year awards (Youth). Falling on his sword he turned to running small and large scale events, all the while buying, renovating and selling properties. Buying and selling land and renovated houses provided a grounding in the property industry. He founded a cloud based medical grade voice recognition company, followed by co founding the first true cloud application for private practice in the health sector. He successfully exited these ventures at the end of 2016 and began building Bricks+Agent.

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