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A Guide to Selling Your Home This Spring


Spring is generally considered the silly season of real estate when more homes sell than any other time of the year. If indications from previous years are anything to go by, the Spring real estate market 2017 will provide Australian property sellers with a lot of advantages. According to  Business Insider, demand for property last Spring saw high levels of homes going to auction and increased prices, especially in Sydney and Melbourne.

If you’re not sure whether to list for the Spring or wait, there are plenty of reasons to sell your home now. After the gloom of Winter, Spring is often a fresh start for people on the property hunt, and attending open for inspections is a much pleasanter experience in the warmer weather, so you can expect buyers to be out in force.

In saying that, you still have to help your home stand out from the crowd. Buyers will be looking at dozens of houses, not just yours. Here’s how to be uppermost in their mind.


Tips To Selling Your House This Spring


Impress Their Socks Off

Potential buyers are looking for the wow factor, so you need to give your home key selling points to make them feel ‘this is the one’. People will be searching for certain features and if it can tick their boxes you’re away laughing. Says Frank Valentic of Advantage Property Group and a judge on The Block, “open-plan living, outdoor entertaining, and large renovated kitchens and bathrooms are all top of buyers lists”.


Release Your Inner OCD

Meticulous preparation such as cleaning, fixing broken items and interior styling will all show your home to its best advantage. You don’t have to be a landscape gardener to improve your curb appeal but fixing that broken fence, mowing the lawn and pruning back bushes will please a buyer’s eye.

Likewise, interior styling doesn’t have to be expensive. By simply clearing out the clutter, and giving it a thorough clean, you could arouse several buyers interest. Being a perfectionist when it comes to how your home looks can pay big dividends when you’re selling

Attract With Colour

Did you know you can increase buyer interest with certain colours? Some colours are known for their mood enhancing properties, like yellow and green, but some can actually net you a higher price when selling. A analysis of 32,000 listings undertaken by a real estate company in the US concluded that home exteriors painted the shade of greige (light gray/beige) upped the selling price by $3,496. The findings suggest that buyers are looking for shades that are relatively neutral, so if you’re selling now’s not the time to go wild with your penchant for purple.


You Need A Quality Agent

Enlisting a quality real estate agent is beneficial to sellers in lots of ways. They can help you identify the key selling points of your home and how to play them up for inspections. They also know what buyers are searching for in your area, such as good schools or cafes, and what to add to marketing material to attract serious interest. The experience and wide network of contacts that a quality real estate agent brings to the proceedings will definitely work in your favour if you’re showcasing your home this Spring.

Preparing to sell your house takes time and effort, but you can simplify the process by finding a quality real estate agent with Bricks + Agent. Simply register for free, list anonymously in a couple of minutes, and watch as agents bid for your property. You choose the best agent for you. Sign up to Bricks + Agent to learn more.


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Rafael Niesten

Written by Rafael Niesten

In his early 20s, Perth local Rafael Niesten, won a scholarship to study in Canada, with that came the opportunity to volunteer at a local radio station. That spawned his entrepreneurial streak, returning to Perth in 2001 he set up community radio Groove FM. More by luck than design, they became successful, too successful as they took a significant chunk of the Perth Market. This sent up the red flag with his commercial competitors who saw to it that he came before the Australian Broadcasting Authority and on technicalities such as the number of volunteers he was forced to move on. He received the citizen of the year award for Western Australia (youth) and was a finalist in the Australian of the year awards (Youth). Falling on his sword he turned to running small and large scale events, all the while buying, renovating and selling properties. Buying and selling land and renovated houses provided a grounding in the property industry. He founded a cloud based medical grade voice recognition company, followed by co founding the first true cloud application for private practice in the health sector. He successfully exited these ventures at the end of 2016 and began building Bricks+Agent.

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