Bricks + Agent's Scholarship for Young Entrepreneurs

Who are Bricks + Agent?

Bricks + Agent is an online software company dubbed the ‘tinder of real estate’. Bricks + Agent prides itself on innovation, creativity and forward thinking. As a young, digital startup the company has disrupted the traditional business model of how consumers and real estate agents interact with one another. Continually testing and integrating new technologies to improve services, they are adapting to changing markets and consumer behaviours.

Why are we doing this?

To nurture young entrepreneurs, encourage them to bring their ideas to life and further the future of startup innovation. The Bricks + Agent Scholarship for Young Entrepreneurs was developed to recognise young leaders and creative thinkers, offering $1000 to a high achieving or innovative student to support them in their studies and ideas.

Who can enter?

To be considered for the Bricks + Agent Young Entrepreneurs Scholarship, students are required to submit the following documents: 

  • Proof of enrolment 
  • A 500 word or less response, detailing your achievements and what entrepreneurial leader within your field of study inspires you.

How to apply?

Email details by January 15th 2018

1. Full name  5. University or College
2. Phone Number  6. Degree or Diploma
3. Email Address  7. Academic Transcript
4. Phone number  8. 500-Word Response

Terms & Conditions of Entry 


To be considered applicants must:

  • Be enrolled and studying full-time at an tertiary institute
  • The scholarship is open to all full-time students 
  • The scholarship is weighted on academic achievement in their studies and have achieved a score above 70% on their transcript
  • The scholarship is open to both domestic and international students studying full-time
  • Rural students are encouraged to apply.


Conditions of entry:

  • Applications must be submitted between September 1st 2017 - January 15th 2018 
  • The 2018 receipient will be announced 15th February 2018
  • The winner must be enrolled full-time in a tertiary institute at the announcement.
  • Winner will be selected by an internal panel and judge based on the application criteria 
  • The winners name, city/state of residence, and tertiary institution will be published on the Bricks + Agent website, and any related media.
  • In the event that the winner fails to claim their prize within 1 month after notification, an alternative winner will be selected.