Finding the right agent makes dollars, and sense

You've invested your time and money into your property, you should know your options

Visiting a local real estate and asking friends for referrals is a good way to find a real estate agent in your area, but how do you know you have found the right one?

For most of us the process of choosing a real estate agent is tedious, frustrating and quite frankly time-consuming. So, how can you find a quality a local agent to sell or lease your property, whilst still enjoying the things you'd rather be doing?

Simple. By using Bricks+Agent - an online platform that simplifies the process for you. 

Created by a serial property investor and a former real estate agent, we supply the agents to a central platform - allowing you to compare and connect anonymously. You can sign up and list your property from your desktop or smart phone, view local agents proposals as they bid for your listing. You can also chat, call or video call anonymously with agents whilst you are evaluating their proposals and finally connect with the quality agent you choose to sell or lease your property.