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Console is now integrated with B+A.


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Console integration highlights 

  • Seamless real time data sync - properties, owners, tenants, property managers and service providers
  • Account and invoice push back - no more manual entry of invoices that have been received from service providers - this process is automated
  • Mobile applications for tenants, owners, property managers and service providers in addition to the desktop application for transparency and visibility
  • Integrated with the latest API (programming interface) of Console Gateway

Some of the features available to property managers

Unlimited Properties, Service Providers, Owners + Tenants

Bricks + Agent will grow with your business. Whether you are just starting out or you are a multinational we have the tools, workflows + automation that will assist in increasing productivity + reducing costs. You can 1 or 1 million properties, services providers, owners + tenants on the platform.

Multi Party Chat + Video

Solve maintenance requests by chatting or taking a video calls with one person or every person that is needed to resolve the maintenance request. There is no need for multiple phone calls or emails as all the communications related to the maintenance request can be completed on the platform.

Automation for jobs, tasks + reminders

Property + Facility managers are busy, so some jobs may slip between the cracks. To help here we have added to your settings page some automation + reminder rules for tasks, statuses + overdue jobs.

Recent activity + Notifications + Organisation View

There can be tens or hundreds of activities a day and keeping track of them is hard. We have a recent activity timeline so you see + action the items that require your immediate attention by clicking directly into the item in the notification. If you allow all property + facilities managers can have an organisation wide view of all activities + properties in the entire organisation.

Seamless Data Integration

Bricks + Agent has integrated or is in the process of integrating with leading property management software solutions. Whether you are on a legacy product or the cloud, we can integrate into any application + once integrated data will flow seamlessly between the applications, so there is no need to manually or double enter any data.

All the workflows you can think of

We have both simple + complex workflows to help you best manage the maintenance requests, tasks + schedules. You can: Create. Edit. Post. Approve. Complete. Review Notes. Feedback. View invoices. Clone. Group with triggers. Set Owner approval + threshold. Revise. Vary. Recur. See Previous Job History.

Power BI reporting + Insights

Find out all elements + areas relating to maintenance + gain valuable insights in the composition + detail of all the maintenance tasks completed at your organisation

BYO service provider or use ours

You have either your staff or contractors that you use for your maintenance tasks. You can use these service providers, you can use our marketplace service providers who are registered + verified or you can also find service providers on demand by searching for trades working in your area + engage them on the map to complete your tasks.

About Bricks + Agent

Bricks + Agent was built to ensure property maintenance + inspections tasks could be handled with ease specifically for property + facilities management. Property + Facilities managers, service providers, property owners + tenants are all connected to the same ecosystem to ensure maintenance + inspection tasks are handled with the principles of mobility, transparency + visibility. We have created the tools, workflows + automation that are second to none for all users in the ecosystem. Founded in December 2016 and based in both Melbourne and Sydney, Australia, as well as Colombo Sri Lanka, Bricks + Agent is a cloud based solution delivering value to all stakeholders in the property maintenance + inspections spaces by integrating into property management software providers...


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  • louise smith-1
    “By using Bricks + Agent, this gives us greater visibility of all contractor jobs, enhances the customer journey and enables us to address any issues with contractors in real time for the 200,000+ properties we manage .” Louise Smith, National Operations Manager – Places For People 
  • aidancoleman
    "I would describe their product as the Uber for property maintenance. We have 45,000 retail customers and we want to be able to give them some productivity tools so that they can manage their retail shop and easily communicate when they have issues.” Aidan Coleman  Former CTO Charter Hall (ASX:CHC)
  • scott bateman
    “I am fortunate to meet some amazing businesses but there are only a small few we ever choose to partner with. These guys are set to change property in a big way!” Scott Bateman, Executive General Manager – Little Real Estate

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