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Property Manager Features - All for FREE

Bricks + Agents for Property Managers

Communications + updates
ok In app messaging + video-calls
ok Email + system push notifications
ok Mobile Apps (Ios or Android)
ok Owner or third party approval
ok Notifications for urgent jobs
ok Multi party chat / video
ok Contacts + customised push notifications
ok Documents
ok Agency trades + direct work orders
ok Quote limit
ok Unlimited basic Job workflow
ok Unlimited advanced Job workflow
ok Manual reminders for trades to quote
ok Property + Job Timeline with export to PDF
ok Owner approval threshold
ok Auto reminders for trades to quote
ok Marketplace and on demand trades
ok owner timeline + owner time line sharing
ok Multi owner or committee approval (strata)
ok Traffic light system for trades on site
ok Job Automation
Features + Settings
ok Notifications + global recent activity timeline
ok Global search
ok Organisational view
ok Allow property managers to view properties and jobs of the entire organisation
ok Property Manager grant access to other property managers
ok Custom drawing module for photos
ok Asset register
Data + Integrations
ok Unlimited properties, owners, tenants + trades
ok Manually adding, owners, tenant, properties and trades
ok Spreadsheet upload for owners, tenants, properties and trades
ok Property Management Software Integration for owner, tenant, properties, trades and invoice pass through
ok Reporting + Insights
ok API access
ok Iot sensor integration (coming soon)
ok Custom integrations or modules or white labeling
ok Self service
ok Chat + email support
ok Phone support
ok Account Manager
ok Onsite training + implementation

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  • “On our quest to continuously deliver a differentiated service for our investors and tenants, partnering with leading technology businesses is crucial. We’re very excited to explore how we can continue to innovate the experience through partnerships like this one.” Andy Gooden, Chief Operating Officer – Little Real Estate
  • "I would describe their product as the Uber for property maintenance. We have 45,000 retail customers and we want to be able to give them some productivity tools so that they can manage their retail shop and easily communicate when they have issues.” Aidan Coleman CTO Charter Hall (ASX:CHC)
  • “I am fortunate to meet some amazing businesses but there are only a small few we ever choose to partner with. These guys are set to change property in a big way!” Scott Bateman, Executive General Manager – Little Real Estate

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