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What Does A Bricklayer Do?

When building a new house, office or renovating a home it's likely you will need a bricklayer. A job generally completed by a tradesman, they build, maintain or repair different structures like walls, foundations or walkways. With Bricks + Agent you will find a qualified bricklayers for any type of repair or installation you might need.


A bricklayer's services can include:

  • Foundation building & repair 
  • Repairing walls, arches, and other structures
  • Building cosmetic or water repellent coatings
  • Parging
  • Repointing 
  • General brickwork
  • Stonework & masonry


What Can A Bricklayer Help You With?


Foundation building & repairing 

Older homes in particular are prone to developing foundation issues. Foundation settlement can destroy structural integrity of a building. If you suspect your property is showing signs of foundation distress, do not delay a routine inspection to ensure further damage hasn't been done. 


The process of applying a fine coat of concrete or mortar to a wall, to repair and protect it from problems that arise from air voids. 


A bricklayer will use mortar and bricks to create rows that are laid on top of each other in order to build a structure.



Repairing walls, arches & other structures

Professional bricklayers are equipt to handle wall repairs and repointing. Structures that commonly require the attention of a bricklayer are stone walls, chimneys and paved areas.


Over time, decay can cause voids between bricks, allowing water infiltration which can cause damage.

Stonework & masonry

Stone masonry consists of using stone to create structures such as retaining walls. 

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