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What Does A Painter Do?


A house painter, is a decorator and a tradesman whose services consist of painting and decorating residential and commercial buildings. 

The main purpose of house painting is to improve it's overall appearance but also protect it from water damage, corrosion, mold, rust and any nasty parasites. With Bricks + Agent you will find a qualified painter for any type of decorating or waater proofing help you might need.

A house painters services can include:

  • Interior painting 
  • Exterior painting 

What Can A Painting Specialist Help You With?


Interior Painting

Whether you are building a home, renovating or remodeling, hiring a specialist will ensure a painting job is done correctly and the correct tools are used. Professional painters are familiar with different techniques to attain quality results. A painter will also have a thorough knowledge of paint selections for projects and jobs. 


Exterior Painting 

Painting the exterior of a house or building can be a much more difficult task than painting an interior.  A paint specialist will assess the materials they will be painting and choose appropriate tools and paint. Painting an entire exterior of a house could take up to a week.  A contractor will paint from the top down staring with the gutters. There are multiple types of surfaces that can be painted, so getting expert advice from trade professionals is highly recommended.  




Things a painter will do before they start:

  • Cover all floors & furniture
  • Fill holes & cracks in walls
  • Remove any old wallpaper
  • Purchase paint selections


Things a painter will do before they start

  • Remove any plants, items from exterior of home
  • Lay canvas on the floors
  • Prepare exterior walls for painting fillers 
  • Select appropriated materials and tools 

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