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Service Provider Features

Bricks + Agents for Service Providers

Communications + updates
-ok- In app messaging + video-calls
-ok- Email + system push notifications
-ok- Mobile Apps (Ios or Android)
-ok- Multi party chat / video
-ok- Contacts + customised push notifications
-ok- Documents
-ok- Ready to work and marketplace activation
-ok- Calendar and scheduler single
-ok- Add your own jobs and activities from outside the platform
-ok- Jobs near me
-ok- Attaching pictures, videos + invoices at the conclusion of the job
-ok- Geo fencing
-ok- Profile creation
-ok- Automatic reminders for insurance and licence expiry where applicable
-ok- Variations
-ok- Schedule sharing
-ok- Check in and check out
-ok- Tradie tracker
-ok- Supplier and customer page
-ok- Smart scheduling
-ok- Checklists and form templates
-ok- Traffic light system for trades on site
-ok- Reminders whilst on site
-ok- Inventory module
-ok- Offline mode
-ok- Automated scheduling updates
-ok- Dispatch board
-ok- Traffic light system for trades on site
-ok- Calendar and scheduler group for dispatch
Features + Settings
-ok- Notifications + global recent activity timeline
-ok- Employees + Subcontractor task assignment and management
-ok- Finance tab for invoices and quotes
-ok- Bizcover discount insurance
-ok- Global search
-ok- Integration with xero myob or quickbooks
-ok- Badges and ratings
-ok- Custom drawing module for photos
Data + Integrations
-ok- Unlimited properties, customers + suppliers
-ok- Reporting + Insights
-ok- API access
-ok- Custom integrations or modules or white labeling
-ok- Self service
-ok- Chat + email support
-ok- Phone support
-ok- Account Manager
-ok- Onsite training + implementation
Per Job Fee

A fee is payable for each awarded work order once the task has been marked as complete by the client for residential, strata + commercial work. There is no fee payable from self entered jobs that do not originate from the platform allowing you to use the platform  enterprise tools for jobs that do not originate from B+A to run your business for free..           

There are no setup, ongoing or subscription costs.+ if you are not awarded any jobs there is no fee payable. 

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  • “On our quest to continuously deliver a differentiated service for our investors and tenants, partnering with leading technology businesses is crucial. We’re very excited to explore how we can continue to innovate the experience through partnerships like this one.” Andy Gooden, Chief Operating Officer – Little Real Estate
  • "I would describe their product as the Uber for property maintenance. We have 45,000 retail customers and we want to be able to give them some productivity tools so that they can manage their retail shop and easily communicate when they have issues.” Aidan Coleman CTO Charter Hall (ASX:CHC)
  • “I am fortunate to meet some amazing businesses but there are only a small few we ever choose to partner with. These guys are set to change property in a big way!” Scott Bateman, Executive General Manager – Little Real Estate

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