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Real-Time Operations for Property Management. Efficient maintenance and higher quality and safety standards across residential properties with best-in-class mobile inspections, remote monitoring, and real-time insights.

With Bricks + Agent you can add any job from any system whether they come from our platform or from any other source. You can use the same app to generate quotes that automatically turn into invoices once a job is marked as complete, you can schedule all of your tasks with calendar invites + reminders sent directly to your clients. With smart scheduling we can help you determine the best, day time + route for your job and if you are running late we can automatically let everyone know in your schedule when your new ETA to their job + when it is time to start travelling to the job a map pops up for you and your clients so everyone knows when you are going to be there. Once there you can check in, re-estimate the time needed, start the timer, be reminded of your next job + when complete, take pics + videos to attach to the job, grab a signature on the app + mark it complete. Then off to your next job + once the work is approved your invoice is automatically sent, so you can focus on your craft + let us take care of the rest.

We cover a multitude of sectors to give the tools you need to grow your business + complete maintenance requests simply, easily + all in one place.

Remote or onsite with video

Being on the road for most of the day means mobility is really important in running a successful business. Clients expect fast response times to quotation requests + any questions they may have about a job. You can run your business from the palm of your hand any where and at any time.

Scheduling, Smart Scheduling + Dispatch

Xero, MYOB and Quickbooks (coming soon) allow you to create quotes from web and mobile within the app, that automatically turn into invoices at the successful completion of the task.

One click asset register

Service Providers are busy, so some jobs may slip between the cracks. To help here we have added to your settings page some automation + reminder rules for tasks, statuses + overdue jobs

Checklists + templates

We have both simple + complex workflows to help you best manage the maintenance requests, tasks + schedules. You can: Create. Edit. Approve. Reject. Mark as ready to work. Mark as on the way,. Find Jobs near me. Complete. Review Notes.Build a profile. Create quotes + invoices. Revise. Vary. Recur. See Previous Job History. Review documents.

One click maintenance requests

You can use our custom built scheduler to book time for your jobs or our advanced scheduler for larger organisations requiring a dispatch board. You can share the calendar availability with your clients + allow them to see your schedule + book time subject to your approval. All your appointments that are for the day and upcoming are presented on your dashboard so you can see at a glance your workload for the day and days ahead.



What to expect at a rental property inspection
There are several non-negotiables property managers need to consider when inspecting a rental property. Inspection managers look to examine heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems, windows and doors for any damage, foundations, basement, as well as structural components and any internal plumbing.

Inspection managers provide reports with the most recent results. The whole job will take between one and two hours, depending on the size of the property. Although the majority of the time property inspections can be done without any tenants on the premise, it's recommended that someone attends the inspection in order to explore the property and ask questions if needed. This process will help you obtain the necessary information than the report alone.

The benefits of routine rental property inspections
Regular property inspections have advantages for both landlords and tenants. As a landlord, regular inspections will give you peace of mind that your property is in good hands and being looked after. Property inspections give tenants the chance to actually voice any maintenance, repairs or concerns they have with the property.

Advantages of property inspections include: monitor for any maintenance problems, assessing damage, checking for any health and safety issues, ensuring the upkeep of a property, checking the condition of appliances and identifying any potential issues or lease violations, such as the presence of more tenants than the ones mentioned on the agreement.

How Bricks + Agent can help streamline tasks for an inspection manager

This innovative software can help inspection managers conduct and document property inspections from anywhere at any time. Inspection managers can easily and efficiently complete inspections via mobile device with tenants or third-parties.

Completing onsite inspections can still be made available, but by using inspection software to schedule and conduct visit, promotes efficiency, allows for greater transparency and improves overall client experiences with your real estate agency.

With greater flexibility and reduced response times, inspection software allows inspection managers to connect with landlords and tenants at any time to resolve maintenance and repairs issues in real-time.

Being a property manager can often be a thankless job, but thanks to this innovative software, you can now have more time to focus on the most important parts of the business, in order to connect with people and grow your value.


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