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Bricks + Agent for Property Owners

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As a property owner + investor it is great to be kept up to speed on the maintenance + inspections of your investment property. Once your property or facility manager begins using Bricks + Agent, you will be automatically linked to the property as the owner. If you have an owner approval threshold, your property manager can seek your approval before receiving quotes, after receiving quotes or at both of these times. If there are multiple quotes you can either approve the job or the service provider you wish to use or view the latest or previous inspection reports - all from the palm of your hand.
Once a job or inspection is completed you will receive a push notification so you know that the task is concluded. You can also see the full history of the job + as a first you can even present the property maintenance + inspection history to a vendor at the time of sale to show the maintenance + inspection activities completed at property and when they were complete in case of any warranty issues that may arise.
Visibility, transparency + accountability for your investment property.
Some of the features available to property owners + investors include:

Mobile or Desktop - we have you covered any where at any time

Keep track of all maintenance requests using the mobile app. You will receive push notifications when a job is waiting for your review + you can be kept up to date of the progress of your jobs as well as a final notification once it has been marked complete by the property manager.


As a property owner you want to know what is happening at your property, Maintenance tasks usually originated from a call or email from your property manager. Now, you are linked by your property manager to the property + you can review maintenance task requests as well as see the complete maintenance history at your property. Something that could be good to pass onto future owners if you are considering selling the property.

Post your own jobs

Use the same mobile or desktop app to post jobs for your own property, workplace or any location you need property maintenance. Use the same pre qualified trades that property managers choose to use for your own maintenance issues.


Select service providers

Once quotes have been obtained and the job is sent for your approval you have the option of approving the work as a whole or using the service provider that you wish. Once you select the service provider they are sent a work order for scheduling with the property manager + tenant.                

Multi Party Chat + Video

 Whether you have a question for your property manager and you would like a quick chat or video call or your property manager needs to join you to a group call to seek your approval on major or minor maintenance works, every party to the maintenance issue can be on a group chat or call to ensure maintenance tasks are are reviewed collectively where needed to find solutions and make informed decisions.



With the mobile and desktop apps your property manager can send you maintenance requests for approval. You will be presented with the complete job information including pictures + videos if they are uploaded with the jobs. You can then determine whether you would like to accept, reject or have a chat or video call with the property manager to clarify any issues that may be unclear from the job, before deciding what you would like to do with the job. Your property manager can choose to send the job for your approval pre quotes, post quotes or both re + post quotes.

Simplify your            maintenance + inspections, today.

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