Bricks + Agent property maintenance + inspection platform has been designed to save time and money by automating and simplifying all property maintenance functions.

    Whether you operate a small or large rent roll or you are a tradie or have 100's of tradies. We have developed a solution that solves this problem.

    Bricks + Agent is transforming the way maintenance + inspections jobs are completed - allowing your team to spend more time growing your business using our platform.

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    The Good Parts:

    Saving Time

    A large chunk of a property managers + service providers days are spent liaising with one another as well as the property owners + tenants.  Property managers + service providers can now coordinate all maintenance + repairs from one place without the need for phone calls + emails. 


    Use the automation tools + scheduling assistance so that jobs can be awarded + allocated simply + easily.

    All In One Place

    All quote and job information is stored in an easy to see platform. A all previous activity is stored in the cloud to ensure data can be accessed from any where at any time.


    As property + facility managers, service providers, owners + tenants are all in one place everyone has access in real time to the job status + data.