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Bricks + Agent
Smart lock solutions for property management offices


Smart lock

Trades, tenants and property managers can unlock our smart locks by simply using the mobile app or entering a pin.

No more lost keys, tenants being locked out or trades attending the office to collect and return keys

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Door locks, lock boxes or padlocks can be used to cover all access requirements
Property Managers can inspect and open properties without the need to carry keys
Tenants can open the property with the mobile app or a pin code
Owners don’t have to replace locks at the conclusion of tenancies or if keys are lost
Trades no longer need to attend the office to collect keys, reducing the cost of maintenance, allowing a contactless solution and eliminating lost keys
Smart Lock
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No more key collection

Trades never have to collect keys again keys

One time pins

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What people are saying about us

"Finally I can log property problems to my property manager without a call or email. I have been waiting for 4 weeks and my property manager changed in that time so they had no idea about my property problems. I just put all my issues down on the app so they can get them all fixed was easy and quick. Hopefully with this app they will get them all done."

Jess Smith

"This is handy to have. You see that things are actually happening with the maintenance issue."

Kelly Ann Eden

"They fixed our deadlock on the front door , job was done in a couple of hours of them being notified , brand new again."

Stephen Weston