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Whether you are a sole trader, a large group, a franchise network or a national company, we have the tools + workflows that will suit your business.



Some key features for trades 

Some of the key features for trades on web and mobile

New work opportunities

You can service owners + tenants as well using the same app they use to post or review maintenance, meaning more revenue opportunities for your business.

Faster Payments

Get paid faster as your invoice automatically pushes back with your account directly into all leading property management software. No more needing to email an invoice just attach it when completing the maintenance request and this is automated if using Xero or MYOB.

Accounting integrations with Xero and MYOB

You have a large admin burden and we have reduced this via integrations with both Xero and MYOB. Tradies that quote using Xero ro MYOB at the completion of the job can turn the quote into an invoice automatically.

Smart scheduling + dispatch

A complete and smart scheduling, dispatch and routing solution. For small or large offices to schedule and complete maintenance tasks with ease. You can also use the mobile app to use the tradie tracker to check in and check out as well as complete the task and take a signature from the client.

Multi party chat & video

You can chat and video with tenants directly when permission is granted. Remote video quotes saves you time from having to attend the site unprepared. You save on calls, emails and time by connecting to the people that have requested the maintenance to solve tasks quickly.

Profile creation and building

Once you are linked with a property management agency, you can create a profile in which property managers and tenants help to build. The number of jobs completed, fees and rates as well as the rating provided for your work helps yo to build a profile to create additional work opportunities.

Trades can benefit from Bricks + Agent

Obtain new work opportunities from leading property management agencies as well as from linked tenants and owners

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Ams Advance

"AMS has been working alongside Bricks and Agent. The platform is very easy to use for allocated work through the designated real estate agencies. The Company has an extremely professional approach and we have established a positive working relationship."

Rob Dawdy

Plumbing Director – AMS

Avtec electrical

"When Avtec started using Bricks and Agent last year we were hesitant with how the app would perform over our own processes. The Bricks and Agent team worked with us to evolve and improve the platform and new we are so happy with the results and how easy it is to navigate and allocate work. The bricks and Agent team are great to work with and are always accommodating if help is required. We use multiple platforms with other clients and have found Bricks and Agent to be the best to work with."

Andrew Silsby

Managing Director – Avtec Electrical

Little Real Estate

"We have a point of presence in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane with a large number of employees and contractors. Before using Bricks and Agent we had a system that was very manual and wasn’t really suitable to our scale and growth plans. Mobile apps, a dispatch and calendar system as well as the integration with Xero for quoting and invoicing has greatly helped our business from our administration team through to our trades. With a great deal of new features and improvements regularly released, we have found using the platform very beneficial."

Ben Capuano

National Manager - Little Property Maintenance