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Service Providers are very busy and need the ability to run their businesses with simplicity. Whether you are a sole trader, a large group, a franchise network or a national company we have the tools + workflows that will suit your business.

Quote opportunities are given in residential, commercial + strata from property + facility managers, property owners + tenants looking to have both small and large tasks completed. These can be quote opportunities, direct work orders, or you can even be found by setting your status as ready to work + being able to accept jobs from the marketplace - where clients can see you on a map, check out your profile + you get the job just by being in the area. Simple. You can also see any jobs near you, if you are in the area + are looking to quote on some additional tasks.

Quotes opportunities are great but you still need to tools to manage them.

With Bricks + Agent you can add any job from any system whether they come from our platform or from any other source. You can use the same app to generate quotes that automatically turn into invoices once a job is marked as complete, you can schedule all of your tasks with calendar invites + reminders sent directly to your clients. With smart scheduling we can help you determine the best, day time + route for your job and if you are running late we can automatically let everyone know in your schedule when your new ETA to their job + when it is time to start travelling to the job a map pops up for your and your clients so everyone knows when you are going to be there. Once there you can check in, re estimate the time needed, start the timer, be reminded of your next job + when complete, take pics + videos to attach to the job, grab a signature on the app + mark it complete. Then off to your next job + once the work is approved your invoice is automatically sent, so you can focus on your craft + let us take care of the rest.

For a full list of all the service provider features, visit out features page.

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    “AMS has been working alongside Bricks and Agent. The platform is very easy to use for allocated work through the designated real estate agencies. The Company has an extremely professional approach and we have established a positive working relationship”.Rob Dawdy, Plumbing Director – AMS 

Some of the features available to service providers include

Mobile or Desktop - we have you covered any where at any time

Being on the road for most of the day means mobility is really important in running a successful business. Clients expect fast response times to quotation requests + any questions they may have about a job. You can run your business from the palm of your hand any where and at any time.

Multi Party Chat + Video

Solve maintenance requests by chatting or taking a video calls with one person or every person that is needed to resolve the maintenance request. There is no need for multiple phone calls or emails as all the communications related to the maintenance request can be completed on the platform.

Automation for jobs, tasks + reminders

Service Providers are busy, so some jobs may slip between the cracks. To help here we have added to your settings page some automation + reminder rules for tasks, statuses + overdue jobs

Accounting integrations with Xero + MYOB (QB coming soon)

Xero, MYOB and Quickbooks (coming soon) allow you to create quotes from web and mobile within the app, that automatically turn into invoices at the successful completion of the task.

Scheduling, Smart Scheduling + Dispatch

You can use our custom built scheduler to book time for your jobs or our advanced scheduler for larger organisations requiring a dispatch board. You can share the calendar availability with your clients + allow them to see your schedule + book time subject to your approval. All your appointments that are for the day and upcoming are presented on your dashboard so you can see at a glance your workload for the day and days ahead.

All the workflows you can think of

We have both simple + complex workflows to help you best manage the maintenance requests, tasks + schedules. You can: Create. Edit. Approve. Reject. Mark as ready to work. Mark as on the way,. Find Jobs near me. Complete. Review Notes.Build a profile. Create quotes + invoices. Revise. Vary. Recur. See Previous Job History. Review documents.

Checklists + templates

Set checklists of items you need to bring with you to the site. Use templates to complete the work in a structured way to ensure nothing is missed when you are onsite + completing the tasks.

Power BI reporting + Insights

Find out all elements + areas relating to maintenance + gain valuable insights in the composition + detail of all the maintenance tasks completed at your organisation


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    “By using Bricks + Agent, this gives us greater visibility of all contractor jobs, enhances the customer journey and enables us to address any issues with contractors in real time for the 200,000+ properties we manage .” Louise Smith, National Operations Manager – Places For People 
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    "I would describe their product as the Uber for property maintenance. We have 45,000 retail customers and we want to be able to give them some productivity tools so that they can manage their retail shop and easily communicate when they have issues.” Aidan Coleman  Former CTO Charter Hall (ASX:CHC)
  • scott bateman
    “I am fortunate to meet some amazing businesses but there are only a small few we ever choose to partner with. These guys are set to change property in a big way!” Scott Bateman, Executive General Manager – Little Real Estate

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