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How To Organise Your Home Garden


When Summer is here, wouldn't you be happy to spend your time outside your house, enjoying the sunshine. Imagine sitting outside beside a pristine garden with beautiful flowers?

Do you look at your garden and think its about time you started organising it before Summer? The idea of organising your garden can be daunting especially if you don’t know where to begin. Below are different ways of keeping your garden in order and making it a place you enjoy spending time.

1. Put all your tools together 

If you're like us, you've probably got a tonne of tools laying around your garden somewhere. With so many tools scattered everywhere, they not only look messy but also become a potential hazard if they aren't kept in order.

Consider purchasing a garden basket or industrial sized box to store all the tools together. This will reduce the risk of accidents and also stop you from having to visit the garage when you need them.

You might want to keep large tools like shovels and rakes inside your garage. Keep shovels and rakes off the ground to prevent the risk of injury. For the DIY enthusiast, consider using a two by four piece of wood and attached it to the wall in your garage with hooks attached. You'll keep them off the ground and have easy access to them when needed.


2. Create a schedule for planting

Plants require certain conditions in order to thrive. Some will only grow in warm, tropical environments while others can live in quite cold temperatures. It's important to plan what types of flora you want to use in your depending on the season and  climate you live in.

Consider creating a calendar or schedule that maps out when to plant certain flowers, when to plant vegetables and the time to transplant from your home garden to other parts of your property.


3. Be aware of animals around your local area

What type of animals lives in your neighbourhood or your home? Keep in mind that some animals love eating some plants. You may want to plant inedible flora around your home, so animals don't ruin your gardens. Visiting your local garden centre will help you to identify the types of plants to avoid.


4. Ensure your plants get enough sunshine

Plants need enough sunlight so in order to grow during the seasons. In Australia, plants do most of their growing during the Summer and Autumn seasons. On the other hand, its important a plant doesn't get too much sunlight or it can damage growth as well. Not sure how to get this right? Consider hiring a gardener to help you with the project.


5. Remember to maintain your garden

Anything that is managed well will always look fresh and attractive. The same applies to a garden. Walk around your yard once a week and check if any weeds are growing. You might also need to remove old heads from most flowers so that new growth can come in.


6. Remove old and unused gardening items 

You might find that you have broken and empty bottles in your garden. If you are not using them, consider dumping them or keeping them away from the garden. You can store them in your garage, or better yet recycle them or start a project using them.

The best place to spend your time outdoors during Summer can be your garden. You need to maintain it well to keep it fresh and attractive. The most important thing is to understand seasonal conditions, what you want to plant and know how to take care of it. Still confused and need some help? Consider hiring a gardener at Bricks+Agent. Simply post your job, get quotes and get the job done.

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Topics: How To, Home Improvement

Jon Stul

Written by Jon Stul

Having spent over 12 years in the real estate industry covering all facets from residential through to commercial, established and off plan properties and sub-divisions, he has an in depth knowledge of the industry. Stepping out of the industry four years ago and moving interstate to expand a frozen yoghurt chain that has gone from 1 to 4 stores in the time he has been involved. This was recently sold to Made Group. Real estate has always been in his blood and it was a natural fit to start Bricks + Agent given the amount of insight he has into the industry as a whole. Having seen how all different forms of traditional marketing was used to the direction that it is now heading today, we think we have come up with a truly unique proposition that fits into the current state of the property maintenance market.

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