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Choosing Between A Metal Or Tile Roof


It can be very challenging when it comes to choosing between a colorbond versus a tile roof. With the many varieties of cement tile roofs and metal roofs available, many residential builders and homeowners wonder which could be the best option?

Both metal and tiled roofs have benefits, and it is up to you to compare the benefits and make a decision.

How can you benefit from tile roofs?

In Australia, cement/concrete tiles and terracotta tiles are the types of tiles that are used. However, terracotta tile roofs are more expensive to install than cement tiles because of their aesthetic advantages. On the other hand, roofing experts suggest that those who live in the cold areas should use cement tiles on roofs.

Currently, the difference between these two tiles is quite small because improvements have been made on both tiles.


Advantages of tile roofsRoof-Tile-Replacement

  • They have a weather resistant warranty of 50 years
  • Have an excellent thermal and acoustic insulation
  • Due to their classic appearance, it is impossible for other sheet roofing products to duplicate them
  • Tile roofs can cost between $80-$10 per square meter supplied and laid


Benefits of metal roofs

Metal roofs are currently becoming more popular than tile roofs due to their excellent value for money. Below are advantages of metal roofing.

  • They are easy to maintain
  • They come in different profiles to suit your home
  • Due to their sun reflective coatings, they have improved insulation
  • Are hail and impact resistant

You should expect to pay between $50-$60 per square metre on the cost of supply and insulation. When you compare colorbond vs. tile cost, you will realise that colorbond roof tiling is cheaper. Colorbond materials come with a warranty of 25 years. They also have a flaking and chipping warranty of 12 years.

Before choosing any roofing installer, you should get at least three quotes because the quotes vary depending on location. Ensure that you get three quotes for both tile roofs and metal roofs if you care about price. To save your time, you can get in touch with a roof tile supplier or the use Bricks + Agent for free quotes.

When asking for quotes, ensure that you include important details of the measurement in square metres of the roofing that you need, the complexity of your roof layout and your roof pitch.

Looking for a roofing specialist in your neighbourhood to help with a home whirlybird project? Simply list your job on Bricks+Agent, a convenient community hub to connect homeowners with local professionals. Register today for free and get the home help you need. 

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Jon Stul

Written by Jon Stul

Having spent over 12 years in the real estate industry covering all facets from residential through to commercial, established and off plan properties and sub-divisions, he has an in depth knowledge of the industry. Stepping out of the industry four years ago and moving interstate to expand a frozen yoghurt chain that has gone from 1 to 4 stores in the time he has been involved. This was recently sold to Made Group. Real estate has always been in his blood and it was a natural fit to start Bricks + Agent given the amount of insight he has into the industry as a whole. Having seen how all different forms of traditional marketing was used to the direction that it is now heading today, we think we have come up with a truly unique proposition that fits into the current state of the property maintenance market.

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